Exhibits - Songs of Summer in Color and Light Exhibit

Songs of Summer in Color and Light 2016

Exhibit Theme Guidelines

We are challenging PSCF members to think outside the box with a new emphasis for our 2016 Exhibit, “Songs of Summer in Color and Light.” We want your artwork(s) to relate to summer/summers-end tunes and the memories and subjects that speak to you.

In creating/selecting works for the exhibit, let your imagination flow. Think of the songs, lyrics, people, places, and activities from your summer experiences that have made your forever memories.

By playing off song titles and lyrics associated with summer, you can take advantage of emotions and memories that will inspire your work. Do not be limited in selecting your subject. Build on your own style. Ideas could include: a still-life of summer flowers, beach memorabilia, landscape, seascape, figurative, portrait, or abstract. Think of a vacation spot, a favorite park, a field, a restaurant… look through your vacation photos. You might choose places close to home, or trips you have taken to distant locations.

Please see the bottom of this page for inspiring song titles, but you are not limited to these titles. Hum that old (or new) tune…and paint away! The word “summer” does NOT have to be in the title of your artwork, but do choose a title that relates to your summer or your memory of it.

Finally, and a Very Important challenge component: Artists are invited to write a short paragraph summary (150 words or less) that describes your personal summer memory associated with the artwork and the song(s) that inspired the work. Summaries will be reviewed, edited for spelling and grammar, typed and posted at the exhibit. Please submit your summary in Word format by email to:

Song titles ideas to spark your imagination:

Summertime Blues
All Summer Long
Summer Love
Summer Nights
In the Summer Time
Summer Wind
Summer Side of Life
Feels Like Summer
Forbidden Summer
A Summer Song
Girls of Summer
Gone with the Summer
Goodbye Summer
Great Summer
Happy Summer Days
Happy Summertime
Here Comes Summer
Hot Fun in the Summertime
Hot Like the Summer
Hot Summer Day
Indian Summer
Last Summer
Lonely Summer
Lonely Summer Nights
Long Hot Summer

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