• Sharlyn Lightfoot "The Sun is Shining on Me"
    Sharlyn Lightfoot "The Sun is Shining on Me"
  • Orit Reuben "Main Street Twilight"
    Orit Reuben "Main Street Twilight"
  • Kathy Karol "Surf Fishing"
    Kathy Karol "Surf Fishing"
  • Carlene Crowley "At the Marsh"
    Carlene Crowley "At the Marsh"
  • Orit Reuben "Retired Red"
    Orit Reuben "Retired Red"
  • Lorelei Hoff "Wildfire"
    Lorelei Hoff "Wildfire"
  • Joanie Ford "Unforgiven Sin"
    Joanie Ford "Unforgiven Sin"
  • Kathy Karol "Express Your Funky Self"
    Kathy Karol "Express Your Funky Self"
  • Jan Vermilya "Coastal Sunset One"
    Jan Vermilya "Coastal Sunset One"
  • Kathy Karol "Gull Watching"
    Kathy Karol "Gull Watching"
  • Carlene Crowley "Crystal River Marsh"
    Carlene Crowley "Crystal River Marsh"
  • Joanie Ford "Determined Practice"
    Joanie Ford "Determined Practice"
  • Lorelei Hoff "Abandoned"
    Lorelei Hoff "Abandoned"
  • Donna Kindel "Tilly"
    Donna Kindel "Tilly"
  • Joanie Ford "Blowing in the Wind"
    Joanie Ford "Blowing in the Wind"
  • Carlene Crowley "In The Sun"
    Carlene Crowley "In The Sun"
  • Sharyn Lightfoot "Misty Eyed "
    Sharyn Lightfoot "Misty Eyed "
  • Jan Vermilya "Coastal Sunset Two"
    Jan Vermilya "Coastal Sunset Two"
  • Sharyn Lightfoot "Siblings Digging"
    Sharyn Lightfoot "Siblings Digging"
  • Francine Levy "Dickson Azalea Park, Orlando"
    Francine Levy "Dickson Azalea Park, Orlando"
  • Francine Levy "Flood Water at the Riverwalk, Lake Monroe"
    Francine Levy "Flood Water at the Riverwalk, Lake Monroe"
  • Francine Levy "Lake Apopka Wildlife"
    Francine Levy "Lake Apopka Wildlife"
  • Donna Tweedle "Wild not Crazy"
    Donna Tweedle "Wild not Crazy"
  • Suzanne Zielinski "Dark and Stormy Night"
    Suzanne Zielinski "Dark and Stormy Night"
  • Mary Planding "Sailors Moon"
    Mary Planding "Sailors Moon"
  • JoAnne Sherburne "Sister
    JoAnne Sherburne "Sister's Plot Thickens"
  • JoAnne Sherburne "Her Muses"
    JoAnne Sherburne "Her Muses"
  • JoAnne Sherburne "Aahh The Stories"
    JoAnne Sherburne "Aahh The Stories"

Welcome to the Pastel Society of Central Florida

To Join Our Membership CLICK HERE: pastelsocietyofcentralflorida.com/members


February 11, 2023 - Product Showcase by Mount Vision Pastels This is a wonderful way to learn about pastels and get some new ones! Karl Kelly from Mount Vision Pastels will be doing a short demo on what goes into developing new colors for the line. He will be bringing pastels for people to purchase!

March 11, 2023 - Members Critique with Shuk Susan Lee via Zoom. Getting your artwork critiqued can be a mixed blessing. Sometimes critiques are helpful, such as during a workshop where you get 1:1 time with an artist. And sometimes you walk away more confused. Like when you get conflicting comments in a group critique. Or comments that don't help you get to the next level in your painting.

You might not know exactly what isn't working, or what is bothering you. You may like 85% of this piece, but there's this one spot that irks you, but you don't know why. Or you're 98% pleased, yet you feel like throwing it out the window and starting over because you can't figure out how to finish it. Or worst of all, you want to give up. You're stuck.

This is where having a professional pastelist putting their eyes on your artwork can help you discover what isn't working for you. They can help you break through the inertia and carry on. This isn't about whether your painting is "great" or not. After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This critiques session is about helping you look more deeply at your painting so you can diagnose what's not working and why. That way, you can fix it to your satisfaction.

April 8, 2023 - PSCF founder member Suzanne Zielinski presents: Photos, they are not the boss of us! Techniques and tips for effectively using your reference photos for paintings.

Suzanne will demonstrate how to make your photos work FOR you rather than allowing them to dictate how your painting should be created.

Treating our photos as mere tools in the creative process. Suzanne will take her photos to task, using her artistic license to find the focal point, create appeal, and basically reimagine how to use those "liars" hiding in our phones to make our paintings come alive.

A local Leesburg artist since 1990, Suzanne specializes in creating original paintings almost exclusively in Pastel. Her pastel works comprise a variety of subjects including landscape, still-life, the figure and en Plein Aire. Nature is often her source, and she is at her happiest when working outdoors ankle deep in a grassy field or with her toes in the sand painting from life.
Many years ago, on the advice of a master pastelist, she developed the habit of carrying a sketch pad everywhere she goes. She'll do quick sketches of waiters; performers; passers-by. Whether at a restaurant, beach or a park, she will pick out interesting people and places to sketch and photograph. Over the years, this discipline has helped her hone her drawing skills and develop her power of observation and capturing a movement. In jest, she calls herself the modern female Henri Toulouse-Lautrec.
Suzanne's close friend, mentor and fellow Pastelist, Donna Tweedle, introduced her to Pastel in the 90's. Together, along with Sharon Yutzy and a group of founding members, they formed the Pastel Society of Central Florida in 2010.
Much of Suzanne's work is held by private collectors. Her home in Leesburg serves as her studio and Gallery, where she has more than 60 framed works on display.

For the first time, in 2023 Suzanne will be a participating artist on the Off the Beaten Path Florida Arts Tour. Her home studio and gallery will be open to the public on February 11 and 12, 2023.

April 27, 28, 29, 2023 - Tony Allain in person workshop - "Mood and Atmosphere with Fresh Eyes"
This event will be held at the Village Art Center on 441 near the Spanish Springs shopping center.

May 13,2023 - Demo by Helen Mathyssen Dobbins - Helen will be demonstrating tonalism. An American art form that started in the 1880's depicting atmospheric landscapes often using grays, blues and browns. At Leesburg Center for the Arts.

No meetings June through August
September 9, 2023 - "The Glow Within" with Laura Pollak The topic is regarding abstracting the landscape. Via Zoom
October 14, 2023 - Orit Reuben TBD at Leesburg Center for the Arts.
November 11, 2023 - Seascape Demo with Lana Ballot via Zoom
November 11 and 12, 2023 Workshop with Lana Ballot via Zoom
December 9, 2023 Holiday Party at Leesburg Center for the Arts.
January 8, 2023 - Members Show and Tell If you would like to participate, please bring something to show and tell, if not feel free to come and enjoy your fellow pastelists.

Ideas for what to bring: This can be anything related to pastels or a pastel painting. It could be certain paper you enjoy that you would like to show, a tool or procedure for using pastels, or a practice that you would like to talk about.

If you bring a painting, you may share the 'before reference', or talk about the inspiration behind the piece. We will divide up the program time between those members participating. Meeting held at Leesburg Center for the Arts

January 19, 2024 - Workshop with Dawn Emerson (In Person) Location to be determined.

February 10, 2024 -Terrilyn Debrueil a wonderful pastelist out of Asheville, NC. www.travelingartista.com via Zoom

Our regular meeting location is at Leesburg Center for the Arts (LCFA), 429 West Magnolia Street, Leesburg, Florida 34748. We meet there unless noted otherwise. For Zoom meetings, the meeting information is sent to all members about a week prior to the event.

Upcoming Workshops

Tony Allain " Mood and Atmosphere with Fresh Eyes"

Tony Allain " Mood and Atmosphere with Fresh Eyes"

April 27th - 29th, 2023

9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Current Events

<i>Postcards From Florida</i> - <i> Botanicals, History, and the Florida Landscape in Pastel</i>

Postcards From Florida - Botanicals, History, and the Florida Landscape in Pastel

October 1st - May 1st, 2022/2023

Postcards From Florida

The theme for this exhibit is... Botanicals, History, and the Florida Landscape!

Pastel Society of Central Florida artists will share their creative interpretations of Florida scenes in the fine art medium of pastel.