Meet the Artists Reception: Primary Colors - Pastel Perceptions PSCF Exhibit at Lake Eustis Museum of Art

Join PSCF artists at an exhibit that showcases the varied possibilities of painting with the medium of pastel. The name "pastel" comes from the French word "pastiche" which means "paste" and refers to the way pastels are made. Pastels are made with the same pigments used to make other art mediums - but oil paints use oil, watercolor paints use water - pastels are pure pigment powder with just a little binder. In the fashion or commercial industries, the word pastel often refers to pale colors, so the term is mistakenly applied to the painting medium of pastel as well. The PSCF exhibit - Primary Colors - seeks to dispel the myths about pastel painting and provide some new Pastel Perceptions.

Pastel painting - Fort Cooper Cannoneers by Roger Dobronyi