Saturday 10 October MEETING CANCELLED

Tomorrow’s ZOOM meeting is cancelled!
We hoped you enjoyed last week’s demo.
We are having some issues with Zoom,
so will consider last week’s meeting as our October meeting.
We had a great turnout for last week’s partnership meeting
with the Pastel Society of South Texas.

Where: Your computer, tablet, or smart phone.
Interested in getting more involved with PSCF?
Please reply to this email for more info or if you are interested.
PSCF is looking for a few volunteers to help with the following admin tasks:
Zoom Coordinator
TASKS: Establish a Zoom account – PSCF will reimburse you.
Coordinate with PSCF Board to set up Zoom Board
meetings and several monthly meetings.
You should have a good internet connection,
some computer skills, be familiar with Zoom
or be willing to learn Zoom skills like how to share
hosting and screen sharing. A board member will
run the meeting, we just need someone with a good
internet connection, a little time, interest in the meetings,
and ability to run ZOOM.

Website Administration Alternate
We need additional members to learn how to add and delete
Email addresses on the website Email Master List.

There are many small tasks that need to be completed to
keep our members informed and it’s too much work for
the few people are doing most of the work now.
Please reply to this email for more info or if you are interested.
PS: Help! We need YOU!

PSCF Exhibit TEN! At LCFA, 04 November - 27 November
PSCF is celebrating it’s 10th Anniversary.
If you haven’t already,
and let us know how many paintings you will enter.

From Last Post re theme of TEN!:
The theme is Anything Goes! Feel free to do ten of one subject in the same painting, cleverly incorporate the number “10” in your painting, do a graphic of the #10 – or just enter some painting in the exhibit.
*** one painting from the Casselberry online exhibit can be submitted, but not if it was
an award winner***
*** up to three paintings ca be submitted***
*** we need an Exhibit Judge, if you have any ideas, respond to this email***
***Application was attached to previous post***

Living Waters Exhibit in Tavares. The exhibit will stay up
until mid-December. Stay tuned for new December takedown date.
Respond to this email if you need to remove your painting(s) on the original
take down date.
***Art Director and Artist Richard Colvin will be Judging the exhibit soon!**

EMAIL SCAMS are still out there!
Continue to be cautious and critical about potential suspect emails.