February 2020 Meeting Minutes


General Membership Meeting Minutes for February 8, 2020

The membership meeting for PSCF was held at Leesburg Center for the Arts.
9:30 – 10:00 am – Meet and Greet
10:00 am – The meeting was called to order by President Deborah Shelley. Members and guests were welcomed.
Treasurer Report – Treasurer Sharon Yutzy reported that despite paying $6700 in workshop costs, PSCF made a profit from the Marla Baggetta workshop.
Secretary’s Report – The minutes of the January 2020 meeting, previously emailed to the membership, were approved by those members in attendance.
Vice-President’s Corner –VP Shari Williams asked the membership for news, awards, sales, etc.
Renee Crouser received Best in Show in the 2020 Arts Clayton GA annual juried fine arts show. With this award, Renee receives a monetary prize, they purchase her painting, and will have a one-woman show later in the year.
Helen Dobbins sold 5 of 6 miniatures in the Florida Miniature Show and sold two paintings from her demonstration table.
In the LCFA Something New exhibit, Suzanne Zielinski won First Place with her painting Fish Camp Sunset. Donna Tweedle won Third Place for her painting Peaceful.
Jan Vermilya sold her Second Place MPSG painting.
Lois Kamp won Third Place in the Villages VAA show for her fiber art piece. She received the LCFA’s Judges Choice Award for her mixed media collage.

Announcements and New Business:
1. Membership Dues are due immediately. Do not wait until our next exhibit to pay your dues! Please pay your dues to Linda Hansee.
2. See page 2 of the monthly agenda for information and dates re: upcoming exhibits. There are currently three exhibits in 2020. Please note the change of dates for the Tavares exhibit. All 2020 exhibit posters will have an announcement re: PSCF’s 10th Anniversary
3. SPAM Alert! Some members have received SPAM emails which appear to be coming from other members. Be cautious and do not respond if you receive a suspicious email from another PSCF member.
4. Future agendas, workshop and exhibit info, and other general interest emails will now be coming from: pastelsocietyofcentralflorida@ciniki.com. Please allow this sender into your email to receive the pertinent messages.
5. We need a new theme for the Casselberry exhibit.
6. Suzanne Z. provided a signup sheet for future plein air outings.
7. Deborah Shelley’s mini workshop will be held on the afternoon of our April general meeting. The topic is an Intro to Portraiture. Please sign up today. This workshop is a great way to get ready for Christine Swann’s fall workshop.
Marla Baggetta told the membership her bio story and gave a video presentation of her website. She explained that she offers lessons, videos and study guides, as well as critiques for a fee at paintinglessonswithmarla.com. Marla then did a demonstration of a street scene in Florence, Italy.

No Board Meeting. President took Marla to airport.

Submitted by Carol Bertino