Demo Topic: Shapes Not Things - Simplifying What You See

October 9, 2021 We re excited to announce the PSCF October meeting will feature a demo by Nancy Nowak on Zoom. Check out Nancy's website at:

Demo Topic:
Shapes Not Things - Simplifying What You See

Nancy will demo one of the most important aspects of painting: simplifying by painting shapes, not objects. With this one major fundamental concept, which will include value and color, you will be able to recognize patterns and be able to paint anything! Her demo will include adding people into the landscape to tell a more impactful story. Learn some easy tips and techniques to add figures into your paintings!

This demo is for Members Only.

Non-Member demo participation is fee-based.
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To attend the meeting and demo:
An email Notice will be sent out about the demo.
Reply to the Notice to Register for the Demo.
After you Register, a Zoom Invitation will be sent to you along with the Zoom link to the demo.

Keep the Zoom Link handy.
A Reminder will be sent several days before October 9.