Red. Blue. Pastel? Yes!

A PSCF Virtual Exhibit!

The Casselberry Art House remains closed due to Covid 19, but the Art House will sponsor a PSCF Virtual Exhibit on their website!

The Art House currently has two exhibits on their website. Both have been very well received - the latest with over 3,000 views and 500 People’s Choice votes. This is a FABulous opportunity for PSCF artists to have their work viewed by a wide audience!

The PSCF Members Only Virtual Exhibit will be featured from 03 June to 30 June 2020. After June 30, the exhibit can be viewed in the Art House Past Exhibits section.

To participate in this virtual exhibit, PSCF Members will have to complete two forms – one for PSCF and another for Casselberry Art House. The PSCF Exhibit Application Form and Entry Fee will be mailed to the PSCF Treasurer, while the Casselberry Art House Release Form and your painting images will be emailed to the Art House.

Click the link below or go to the PSCF website Homepage and choose Exhibits and Events/Casselberry Art House for both forms. More information and instructions on how to enter this exhibit are in the PSCF Exhibit Application. Please follow instructions carefully.

PSCF will have at least seven awards, and possibly more depending on the number of entries.

Deadline for the PSCF Exhibit Application: Friday, 29 May 2020

Deadline for submitting CAH Release Form and painting images to CAH: On or Before 01 June 2020. You may submit your entries early. Please see instructions for submitting early.

The theme of this exhibit is to feature the versatility of the fine art medium of pastel and to demonstrate that pastel painting reaches far beyond the misconception that pastels are just “pale” colors.

Respond to this email if you have any problems downloading the Exhibit Forms.

Let's make this an awesome exhibit!

See you on the web!